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  • Simple Ways to Start Over. It’s Not Too Late!

    There is nothing wrong with starting over. While some may see it as a failure, others can see it as an opportunity. What’s that saying? No is just one step closer to Yes? I didn’t get the nickname “Tigger” for nothing. I bounce back and bounce around. It makes life exciting! You can take control…

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  • The Whisper of Your Intuition. You’re Up.

    We all have it, intuition. It’s the tiny whisper, as #Oprah says, deep in our souls that tells us something is wrong. Often, we ignore it, because it can mess up what seems like a working situation, be it our jobs, our marriages, our friendships. But it will persist and eventually surface. When it does,…

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  • Top 10 List: I Spy What Your Recyling Says About You.

    Top 10 Things Your Recycling Habits Say About You. I’m not a dumpster diver; I’m a recycling bin spier. I caught myself doing this yesterday when walking my dogs through the neighborhood. I found myself peering at others’ recycling to learn more about them–people I don’t know. There is so much you can learn about…

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  • Lean into Leisure

    Lean into Leisure

    Is it me, or have we gone off the deep end with our kids and their sports? Can we all just chillax and lean into leisure? I’m tired just writing about it.

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  • Friends with Boats, Publishing 5/23

    Here’s a sneak peek of my novel, Friends with Boats, available for purchase 5/23 by Greenleaf Book Group and River Grove Press.

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