When a Small Offer has Big Meaning

As I was buying pee pads for my dog this morning, the cashier at Walgreens informed me, “You’ve been pre-approved for a Walgreen’s card!”

I felt a jolt of excitement. Life is good; I’m making my way in the world today (insert theme song from Cheers). I decided to pause before embarking on this financial commitment, because, well, I want to weigh my options. Maybe I’d rather hold out for a card from CVS. Maybe I am not ready for something longterm with Wally.

I did feel important though. My lot in life has risen!

See, it wasn’t too long ago–about 8 years–that I was denied a TJ Maxx card. I recall opening the letter in the mail. It was from the TJX company. It sort of felt like getting a college admissions rejection but maybe worse. It more or less told me I was broke-ass, and that my annual salary was chump change. I won’t deny that was the case. I do have my Liberal Arts degree in English Literature, after all (read: not lucrative). But there was something more dismal underlying this rejection from TJX: A store that I considered “cheap” was actually too good for me.

I remember sort of laughing about it and telling my friends, “You know things are rotten when you can’t get a TJX card.” I laughed, because it seemed ludicrous. I was living in a million dollar home, belonged to a country club, had a boat.

Note to the ladies (and the gents): Always make sure you can support yourself. You never know what can happen.

But here’s the catch: none of it was my own. In fact, I owned nothing; just a Shwinn bike, two kids, a grill, and an engagement ring. All of it was my ex’s.

Lucky for me, my chump change job was in fact a job. I always maintained my resume, even when my kids were small.

Since then, I moved out of that home. I was able to buy my own condo, and then graduated to house. It was the first house I bought on my own. It was a steep learning curve for me to figure out terms like “equity” and understand what a mortgage was. I had always lived in a city and rented an apartment! And, after that, I moved into my ex’s home. But, slowly but surely, I learned and increasingly made more money. I moved from one job to the next, securing a higher salary each time.

This was my first house I bought

Now, I can be proud that I was approved for the Walgreen’s card.

Never give up. That was what this offer affirmed for me today.

I can be proud.

Next stop: TJX. Watch out TJ’s, I’m comin’ for you.

1 thought on “When a Small Offer has Big Meaning

  1. hey fellow bloggers
    The author shares their experience of being pre-approved for a Walgreen’s card while buying pee pads for their dog. They feel a sense of excitement and importance, but decide to weigh their options before committing to the card. The author then reflects on a time when they were denied a TJ Maxx card, which made them feel like they were broke-ass. The article highlights the emotional impact of credit and the importance placed on having access to credit. The author notes that while they feel important with the pre-approval, they also recognize the potential financial commitment and the need to make informed decisions about credit. The article ultimately suggests that while credit can have emotional implications, it’s important to consider one’s financial situation and make responsible choices when it comes to credit cards.
    thanks for reading – Wayne


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