Amaze-Balls Easter Mom

Greetings from the Walgreen’s Easter Bunny! I refer to myself as such, because I bought all of my childrens’ basket contents at our local pharmacy, and my daughter just said, “Hey, this is the same stuff they have at Walgreens!” when she peered inside.

I sort of cringed and suggested the rabbit may have visited there for some of his goods… Not sure if she’s onto me, or if I burst her bunny bubble by suggesting he gets his treats in our local drugstore. Maybe he needed a refill on his Xanax or some bunny Prozac? After all, this is a stressful time for him!

Just another useless stuffy! Meet “Phoenix”

I was not totally lame, though. I did gift her an actual gum ball machine that takes money, just like in the store. So, now, she won’t have to dive through my purse maniacally when we spot one out in the wild at Lowe’s or Dollar Tree. She can get it all out of her system at home! Plus, this bad boy takes pennies, so it’s a light lift financially for some balls (that sounds gross).

Awesome gum ball machine

I was going to make Easter breakfast, but the kids implored me to take them to the local coffee shop for an acai bowl and a muffin top (excuse me, but I already have a muffin top for you, over my pants). So, I put my coat on over my jammies and went downtown to get them some. We are, in fact, going to the 11:00 a.m. church service, but I felt like a complete Satan worshipper passing all the churchgoers as I was in PJs walking toward Brewed Awakenings. I wanted to announce, “Hey, we are going to church, too; just to the later service!” but that might have looked weird, so we kept walking.

Me going to coffee on Easter Sunday

As I riffled through my closet for some type of neutered Lily Pulitzer, floral, Easter garb, I notice that I really need to do a spring clean and throw out half of my closet that I never wear. Legit, I don about 1/4 of what’s in there. Some of these garments I keep as “thinspiration,” hoping to once again fit into them, and others are just like creepy office gear that I used to wear in my cubicle, before remote work. You know those Ann Taylor and Talbots suits, or the poly-flammable dresses I got in the “Career” section of TJ Maxx? Yeah, those might need to go. I hope I’m never in a work cubicle again. And, if I am, I will wear said poly-flammable suit and light myself on fire.

Ew, total sexless mom shirt

On that note, Happy Easter, y’all!!

Look! I baked cupcakes too!

4 thoughts on “Amaze-Balls Easter Mom

  1. Steph Mastroianni April 10, 2023 — 10:11 am

    Literally so funny! The Walgreen’s Bunny! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am sure every mom relates to this as well as other holidays traditions! Love this …..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Kerri! Yes, and now we have Mother’s Day! I wonder what shenanigans will unfold…


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