From Weather to Lashes to Tweets

Sometimes the most mundane things are the most interesting.

I woke up today to find snow on the ground! Yay! I love when it snows, because I grew up in Cleveland where it ALWAYS snows on Lake Erie. There’s the lake effect, too, where it’s grey most days.

Outside our house in Cleveland

My dad says the lake effect is what he misses least about Cleveland, since he’s moved back to NYC–he likes blue skies and sunny days, even though, to me, you don’t see sun much in the city. The big buildings hide the light, and you’re often in the shadows on the sidewalks.

Speaking of in the shadows, I recently moved to a new town outside of Boston, and it’s interesting that I feel as if I’m living in the shadows, because I don’t know many people. I’m sort of the Invisible Woman (if you can believe it, because I’m never described as the shrinking violet, wall flower type. I like to be noticed).

And, on the topic of being noticed, I had a conversation lately with someone who said that the whole “look at me” phenomena that is inherent in our culture today has seeped into our children’s personalities, to their dismay. What do you think about that? I think it’s good to have a voice, for sure! But maybe it’s not so good to encourage selfies and looks and glam. I heard that teenage girls in less affluent towns are selling themselves to purchase false eyelashes, the kind that are put on in the salon, not the ones from CVS. Apparently, they are in high demand yet also expensive. That is just terrible to hear, the girls’ part, not the price of lashes.

Me. Not shy.

What do you think of fake eyelashes? My husband doesn’t like them and says that women look like Bambie in them. Is that a bad thing? I want to look like Bambie.

It seems that that his girlfriend’s eyelashes are just a wee
bit fuller by one lash! #goals

Another trend I am not a huge fan of is this drink Prime. Have you all tried it? It’s all the rage here, and it’s like a super sweet version of Gatorade that looks cooler and costs more.

I don’t get it

I woke up this morning to nothing on my calendar but a reminder to “Go to Sleep.” Maybe I should heed that, as I spent three hours thus far going down a rabbit hole of reading Emma Straub‘s latest novel, This Time Tomorrow (it’s good!), reading Bethenny Frankel’s Twitter and face mask reviews, and cooking eggs. Goodnight/Good Day.

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