Hoochie Daddy Shorts and Glam Squads

Okay, so let’s discuss a couple topcis of interest (to me, and hopefully you).

Hoochie Daddy Shorts. Yes, this is a thing. I heard it on NPR. Ew, I hate when people say they “heard it on NPR” or “read it in The New Yorker.” Sounds uber-douchey and affected. BUT! I did hear it on NPR here. So apparently there’s this new trend where men–and I’m talking grown ass men–are wearing short-shorts, like Daisy Duke style and showing more leg. This has been the norm with women, and has been for years, but now men want to throw a little leg, too. It reminds me of those corduroy OP shorts that guys wore back in the early ’80s. Not only do they show leg, but apparently, they appeal to those men and women who want to see a little junk too. Like, no surprises later? Kinda like a camel toe for men? I’m not so sure how I feel about these. I think if my man wants to show his nice legs off, then, yes, I will take notice and maybe make a special dinner. Kidding. I can’t cook. I would, however, enjoy seeing his package.


Glam Squads. These are those folks who make you look amaze so you can snap social pics and get a lotta likes or hit the town and look amazing. I need that. Well, not really, because I don’t go anywhere other than the pool, Target, Starbucks and my work desk. But I want one! I need someone to come put me in that fishnet cover up and stilettos for the pool with a full blow out. Granted, I’d end up with a full face of makeup melting and falling on my face at the pool, but maybe I’d look good at the snack bar?


Congressional Politics. JOKES! I am not getting into that one… Peace.

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