The Whisper of Your Intuition. You’re Up.

We all have it, intuition. It’s the tiny whisper, as #Oprah says, deep in our souls that tells us something is wrong. Often, we ignore it, because it can mess up what seems like a working situation, be it our jobs, our marriages, our friendships. But it will persist and eventually surface. When it does, you must listen.

My fortune cookie once read, “The smart thing to do is to start trusting your intuition.” I heard the whispers, but I shoved them down deeper. That fortune cookie has been taped to a magnet on my fridge ever since, and I read it every time I second guess my decisions. Here’s a photo of it.

I think we all know when something isn’t working for us, right? So why not just pay attention? Well, easier said than done. Maybe you can’t. We have bills to pay, family to consider, and others to care for. But at what expense? Caring for ourselves? We come last.

You know what I say? Screw that.

Let’s get first in line. Be the hare, not the turtle. Move over, sister, I’m next.

It’s funny, because I just stopped typing and almost deleted that. Ha! It felt uncomfortable! I was not cool with being next, because it was like standing at the edge of the diving board over a deep pool. I hated that when I was a kid. I thought a shark was lurking below, and somehow he swam through the grates. That shark is our self-doubt.

I get scared to say things aloud sometimes. Do you? Then it’s not a whisper, but a proclamation, and someone might hear it. Then I’m responsible for doing something about it. I think we can start with tiny steps, maybe once bounce on the diving board?


Let’s write it down, really look at it, and think about a step we can take towards it. Just one.

I’m not patient, so I usually want to skip ten steps ahead. Patience is needed when making big decisions. My husband tells me to reevaluate every six months. I think six months is too long. Maybe he’s right. I like to reevaluate weekly. I’m fairly certain that’s not the best approach.

So, what’s your whisper? One bounce on the edge. Tell me…

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