Simple Ways to Start Over. It’s Not Too Late!

There is nothing wrong with starting over. While some may see it as a failure, others can see it as an opportunity. What’s that saying? No is just one step closer to Yes? I didn’t get the nickname “Tigger” for nothing. I bounce back and bounce around. It makes life exciting! You can take control of it and the direction you’re heading, in almost all areas of life. There is no such thing as a wrong turn, because you can redirect, pivot (I kind of hate that word), and embrace new challenges, ideas, people and locations.

Sure, it’s not as easy when you have children, a job, and a mortgage to pay. But, there are little ways in which you can change your life TODAY that will ignite your passion for life. Light that bomb, baby. Blow it up and start anew!

1. Find a new job. I mean, there is nothing wrong with transitioning your skillset in one career and using it in another. For example, I worked in Development and Communications, and I did the internal and external newsletter for a health center. Now, I do the newsletter, social media and luxury marketing for a national real estate company. While I hadn’t worked with luxury real estate before, I was able to apply the skills I had from working in Development (people and networking skills) and Communications (writing and marketing) to start a new career path.

2. Move. With the real estate market booming, you can sell your house now and pick up and move. Also, with remote and hybrid work, you can keep your current job and live elsewhere. I am moving about an hour from here, and with remote work can remain in my job and pay that new mortgage (well, okay, with some help from my spouse).

3. Reinvent Your Relationship. If you’re single and not finding the right type of partner, reevaluate your choices and try to go for a different “type” this time around! For example, if you always go for the toxic abuser, try to force yourself to give a nice person a chance, even if it’s counterintuitive. #nerdsfinishfirst. You may surprise yourself and realize it’s not so sh*tty to be with someone who treats you well. If you’re married, maybe pull like a Freaky Friday and do your partner’s chores and take on things to eliminate his or her stress. Perhaps mow the lawn, do the shopping, or just even watch a TV show with them that they– not you- like. In other words, take one for the team.

Take one for yourself, too! Yes, take a leap and press the backspace to move forward!


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